New model for the mentoring program

Hanno Stock hanno.stock at
Thu Jul 17 22:06:37 BST 2008

Nicolas Valcarcel schrieb:
> That actually depends on the talker, we can't say them when to give
> the sessions. Also keep in mind that work hours in my timezone may not
> be at yours, so it's really difficult to manage.

I just mentioned it, because I thought that might need further
discussion, depending on how strictly the regular attendance is enforced.
Generally I think it is a good idea, to expect attendance to MOTU
school. However people willing to contribute despite having a day job
and/or other obligations should not be excepted from Mentoring.
I'd suggest some other way of showing the willingness to enhance one's
skills like doing a test or submitting some kind of "homework", in the
case attendance to school was not possible.



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