Good communication with upstream is good idea

Florian Weimer fw at
Sun Jul 20 17:42:45 BST 2008

* Neil Williams:

>> What's the correct way to get it out of Unbuntu (universe)?  I don't
>> want to relicense it, but if asking politely does not work, it seems to
>> be my only choice.
> How would you relicence it in a manner that prevents use in Ubuntu but
> retains DFSG compatibility to remain in Debian main?

Relicensing would involve moving the package to non-free, that's
correct.  I could try some trademark stunt, but I don't want to spend
any money on a trademark registration.

I don't see why such cases (including yours) can't be resolved amicably.
It's not rocket science, after all.

> How many packages could be in this situation? I don't expect it to be
> many. Some form of filter on the Ubuntu side may be necessary.
> Alternatively, is there a package that I can list in Conflicts: that is
> only present in Debian derivatives? Yes, any mechanism could be abused
> but MOTU-people could always file bugs in the BTS about such usage.

MOTU bugs should end up in the Canonical bug tracker.

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