revu signoff requested on package pyrocket

Karl Ostmo kostmo at
Sat Jul 19 04:06:09 BST 2008

Hey all,
I'm trying to make it through the REVU process with a package I rolled from
my own code.  I've had 3 reviewers make comments on it already, and I
believe it's in good shape now - I just need to get 2 official sign-off's.

A little bit about the package - "pyrocket" is a PyGTK application that
allows control of several models of the "USB Missile Launcher" that you can
find on, among other places.  I've put a significant amount of
work into reverse-engineering the USB codes needed to communicate
bidirectionally with the device, and I'd like to save as many people as I
can the trouble of doing this themselves.  My application is comparable to
the existing Debian application "ahmissile", but in addition to being in
Python rather than C++, it has much finer control over movement, and
incorporates feedback from the device itself to avoid motor damage.  There
are plans to incorporate computer vision into the next version.

After this makes it through the system, I hope to put my new packaging
skills to use on many more Ubuntu applications!

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