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Fri Jul 18 07:58:01 BST 2008

Cody A.W. Somerville ha scritto:
>  * To allow for new individuals to get involved in the leadership teams 
> and to ensure minimal disruption between terms, only a subset of the 
> team will be up for re-election at the end of each release cycle. This 
> will either be accomplished by holding a second election on the second 
> release this policy is adopted or by designating certain members of 
> first election to serve an extra release cycle.

Having new blood in key teams is important, but what if no volunteers 
are available? Current members need to play the role again. Attracting 
more people is the key here IMHO, members should be able to generate 
interest, this can be achieved by preparing regular reports (e.g., this can provide guidance to 
prospective members too.

>  An alternative proposal by Emmet Hickory would have members be attached 
> to a "release" and favors replacing team members through a process more
> closely related to apprenticeship than any sort of election. The team 
> would define goals for a release, handle freeze exceptions for the 
> release, and then follow the release as the SRU team until the release 
> is no longer supported (all together, roughly terms of 2 years). His 
> full e-mail can be found here: 

I think this proposal won't fit well. Developers usually have 
development branch installed. Being able to review, sponsor and 
eventually test updates for stable releases can be hard if people lack 
hardware/VMs when doing SRUs.
Also, it can be hard to approve SRUs targeted for two or more stable 
releases: bugs must receive ACK from two different groups (one by people 
for Ubuntu X.xx and one by people for Ubuntu Y.yy).
Knowledge of release goals is important, but given that regression 
potential must be low anyway, I think there is no need to be fully aware 
of release goals while doing SRUs, they should have been completed 
before release or targeted for the next release.


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