New model for the mentoring program

Cesare Tirabassi norsetto at
Tue Jul 15 10:36:50 BST 2008

Dear all,

the current mentoring program has been in place for about one year.

During this time several shortcomings of this model have become evident, 
especially as the number of new contributors grow. The alternative sponsoring 
model is also felt quite inadequate, especially for new contributors and 
contributors which are on their way to motuship. 

What is evident today, is that: 

- Some MOTU have weaknesses in certain skill areas 
- Those potential contributors who are not self-starters aren't getting
- There is an insufficient number of volunteers to act as Mentors
- There is an insufficient number of volunteers to teach MOTU School classes
- Many existing contributors have difficulty reaching a sufficient skill level
  to apply for MOTU 

With the introduction of the ubuntu-universe-contributors team, it is finally 
time that we implement the new structure, as we already discussed in [1] and 

Our proposal is to split the Mentoring program into two parts:

- a program to help new contributors who wish personal attention when starting
- a program to help established contributors who wish personal guidance when
  applying for motuship

Furthermore, stronger ties with the current MOTU School program will be 
All participants in the Mentoring program will be expected to attend MOTU 
School sessions, and those not in regular attendance may no longer be 
eligible for Mentoring.
All contributors alike are expected to take an active role in preparing and 
giving sessions on fields where they are particularly experienced, as well as 
in general Q&A sessions.

The new program is detailed in:

Before finally implementing this change, we would like to hear from you, MOTU 
and contributors alike, if you have any remaining objections or comment.



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