monotone doesn't work

Rich Pixley rich.pixley at
Thu Jul 10 23:17:47 BST 2008

Using ubuntu-8.04 and the stock monotone, (0.37), conflicting merges 
result in:

rich at> mtn merge
mtn: 2 heads on branch ''
mtn: [left]  20d2ef797fd8a37c8d26c6ab510b5a2ee91de387
mtn: [right] 82cafde8c166f8e8f1562f864effd2014be82f96
mtn: help required for 3-way merge
mtn: [ancestor] classes/image.bbclass
mtn: [    left] classes/image.bbclass
mtn: [   right] classes/image.bbclass
mtn: [  merged] classes/image.bbclass
mtn: warning: [string "<std hooks>"]:796: bad argument #2 to 'format' 
(string expected, got nil)
mtn: error: merge failed due to unresolved conflicts

This isn't useful and is particularly difficult for a new monotone user 
to cope with.


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