GTKPOD needs a new package, please.

John Dong john.dong at
Thu Jul 10 03:05:45 BST 2008

Well, Nicholas, I synchronize two iPod Touch 1.1.4's over wireless with
GtkPod and Rhythmbox on a regular basis, and don't have any issues with
the database hash format. I don't own any other latest-generation Apple
hardware to test with, but if it turns out there's something newer or
better with the gtkpod/libgpod stack that Intrepid would benefit from,
please let us know. 

On Tue, 2008-07-08 at 23:49 -0500, Nicolas Valcarcel wrote:
> Maybe i'm wrong and it supports it. I haven't tried with the newest
> code, but as far as i have read it doesn't support it, but if you have
> make it work, i think i'm wrong.

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