importing packages (unihan and its Chinese handwriting packages) from sw-linux and fixing packaging bugs to REVU

Michael Bienia michael at
Mon Jul 7 16:04:21 BST 2008

On 2008-07-03 19:24:57 +1200, Kai-Cheung Leung wrote:

> When I plan to upload my fixed packages (from the original sw-linux
> deb-based distribution that already has a .tar.gz file and a .dsc file but
> not .diff file),

That usually happens when the .tar.gz is not correctly named, so
dpkg-source doesn't find it and packs everything into a new .tar.gz.

The unmodified upstream tar.gz should be named
"packagename_version.orig.tar.gz". dpkg-source will then create a
.diff.gz with all additional changes (like the debian/ dir).

> what is the exact procedure?| 

To get a package into Ubuntu universe, it needs to be reviewed. REVU is
a web-based tool to help reviewing. See for a more verbose
description and how to use it.

An alternative way to get a package into Ubuntu is, is to get it
included in Debian first and sync it then over to Ubuntu.

In both cases you should check the current schedule to get your
package ready before FeatureFreeze. FeatureFreeze for intrepid is on
August 28th, so your package should be reviewed and ready for upload
till mid of August.
(See for the complete

> How can I show the diffences between the original sw-linux and my
> file?  I anticipate at this stage changes only occur in
> debian/control.

To see the difference between the "original" packages and your version,
you can use "debdiff" (on the .dsc files).


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