Packaging question

Paul Gevers paul at
Fri Jul 4 08:03:28 BST 2008


I am working on packaging a GUI for ffmpeg called winff "video and audio 
batch converter using ffmpeg" (see [1]). I requested sponsorship for 
Debian [2][3] in the beginning of this week as everything looks all 
right in Debian.

Now I try to make a package for Ubuntu, but I have a problem with the
following. This program is written in Free Pascal (Lazarus) and is
compiled with the following line:
	/usr/lib/lazarus/lazbuild --widgetset=gtk2 -B winff.lpr
Unfortunately the gtk2 widgetset is not compiled in the lazarus package 
(it is however in the current unstable distribution of Debian). Manually 
I can compile the widgetset by running:
	cd /usr/lib/lazarus/lcl/interfaces && make gtk2_units
but compiling during the automated process outside of the build tree is
not allowed.

Does anybody know how I should handle this? Is there anyway to get the 
appropriate build-dependencies or compile during build? I need this 
widgetset because with the gtk widgetset the program has several 
annoying bugs.


With kind regards,

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