policy for membership in MOTU key teams

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at ubuntu.com
Tue Jul 1 22:21:39 BST 2008

Hi all,

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort wrote:
> First draft for a policy for motu-{sru,release} membership:

Sorry for the long delay. I've had a look again at the proposal and at the
comments, let's see if I can summarise them.

> 0/ The term of service for the motu-sru and motu-release teams is of one release
> cycle (six months).

It's been said this is too short, and that 1 or 2 years would be better. It's
also been proposed that we could have a long term (e.g. 2 years) but with
"pings" from time to time (e.g. 6 months) to see who is not active and then
replace inactive members. That way you don't change the entire team at the same

I personally think 2 years is too much, but one year would be fine with me.

And I don't think there will be problems regarding to changing the entire teams,
as I expect some of the old members to reapply and be re-elected.

> 1/ When the nominating time starts, people may nominate themselves (with a mail
> to ubuntu-motu@). There's no restriction as to how many terms someone can
> participate, but they need to reapply after each term ends.
> 2/ When the nominating time ends, assuming there's any (even just 1, (s)he may
> be rejected) candidature, the MC sets the polls in Launchpad (yes, it has a poor
> interface, we need to file bugs if there aren't yet...), and the MOTU team is
> given a week to vote.
> 3/ The MC adds the accepted candidates to the appropriate teams.
> 4/ If all the vacancies haven't been fulfilled, another call for members may be
> done, after a time of one week.
> Things that aren't clear yet in that draft:
> - When the nomination period starts for each team (one week after the release
> for motu-release and just after FeatureFreeze for motu-sru?).
> - How the voting works.


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