Statement from the MOTU Council about Marco Rodrigues

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Wed Jan 30 11:40:10 GMT 2008

Am Samstag, den 26.01.2008, 01:28 +1100 schrieb Sarah Hobbs:
> Marco has not done this, and has now been silenced in #ubuntu-motu,
> #ubuntu-devel, and #ubuntu-bugs.  

I appreciate your input on the matter (as you've dealt with Marco
prominently in the past) and I agree that this issue should be
completely resolved by now. 

To me this ban has been much more disruptive than the (I acknowledge
that) misinformed answer Marco gave on the channel. It's not only my
feeling this was very harsh and unnecessary, but I was told by at least
seven people to look into this incident.

> Presumably if he does this in triaging
> others bugs (which, as far as i know, also classes as ubuntu
> development), his launchpad account will get frozen as well.

This was not decided by any Council I know of.

Have a nice day,

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