Remove useless "[Motu-reviewers] [REVU] prefixes from mail subjects

Emilio Pozuelo Monfort pochu at
Tue Jan 29 00:55:55 GMT 2008

Hello there,

Since every mail sent to motu-reviewers at is prefixed with those
prefixes, I thought we should remove them. They make the subject longer without
providing anything useful, I most likely everyone is filtering those mails to a
special folder, and knows those mails are from REVU and that stuff.

So I suggest we remove them. There's an issue Scott Kitterman spotted, which is
that there might be someone relaying on them to filter the mails (e.g. Subject
contains "Motu-Reviewers". If there is someone doing it, he can switch the
filter to look at some headers, e.g. "X-BeenThere" is
"motu-reviewers at", or "List-Id" is "".

If there is no objection to this (and I hope there isn't) in a few days, I'll
ask Reinhard to remove the mailman prefix, and create a patch for REVU to remove
the other one.

The [UPDATE], [COMMENT], [UPLOAD] prefixes will still be shown.


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