REVU Keychain Problems

Matt T. Proud mtp at
Thu Jan 17 16:52:36 GMT 2008


It appears that I am unable to upload to REVU and have my items
enqueued due to my GPG key not being listed or something to that
effect. I had originally submitted it months ago and had redone it
through that Launchpad group several days ago, and nothing appears to
have happened. This is my assumption for the problem, because I can
get a password reminder for my personal account of years ago but not
for this current e-mail address.

Here's my key information:

pub   1024D/E0EB42CA 2007-05-01 [verfällt: 2008-04-30]
      Schl.-Fingerabdruck = BD9B 59DB 4637 5EF6 001A  C36D 3AEA 7C2C E0EB 42CA
uid                  Matt T. Proud <mtp at>

The package I uploaded was a patched version of devscripts for Hardy.

Any help I could get here would be greatly appreciated, as I a handful
of package feature updates that I would like to get submitted for
review before the code freeze.

Thanks much,


p.s. - My key is to expire soon. Will the procedure for getting a new
key into the system be any more intuitive when that comes around? It'd
be really nice if the system just scraped Launchpad data and little
user intervention would be required.

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