[Fwd: Naming problem for the "Falcon Programming Language" in Ubuntu.]

Giancarlo Niccolai gc at falconpl.org
Mon Jan 14 11:25:30 GMT 2008

Stephan Hermann wrote:
> Well, when you respect the ubuntu users or your users in general (ubuntu
> is not that special) then you would solve the problem by yourself. e.G.
> you rename all your binaries and libs from falcon to falconpl (this is
> just an example of a simple solution ! ) and then you can concentrate on
> docing more goodness into your project.
Again, you fail to see the point and divert the conversation into a 
sterile sophism.

I *offered* to open the discussion and see what would be best for 
everyone. What I am arguing here is the WAY this has been done. 
Forcefully, silently, slily, and profoundly against the compartmental 
rules that made me to love this distro so much. I don't care about what 
name will be given to this scripting language here, really; I stated it 
many times. If I didn't change the name(s) up to date it was because I 
have been directly told not just that it wasn't needed, but because I 
have been told *NOT* to do that. I don't know why I have been told that 
(well, there is a funny relation with the library .so and the package 
name, so it seems, but I don't know the details), but I have been 
directly stopped by MOTUs while changing the name of the package. And I 
don't care which name will have the falcon command line interpreter into 
this distro, as long as I am not forced into changing my docs, site, 
customer's installations, other systems packages and so on.

What I want to be discussed is exactly the principle that lead people 
knowing that they had an open issue to force this decision without an 
open public discussion. Actually, avoiding an explicit public discussion 
and just "making it", and forcing the other part of this deal (me) into 
simply shaping down to a one-sided decision.

I find this behavior highly unhetical, especially considered the high 
consideration the ethical aspects have in this project, and I want to 
know if this is coherent with the CoC I have signed.


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