haskell transition

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at ubuntu.com
Sun Jan 13 16:13:12 GMT 2008

Hi folks,

as of right now, we've got a new ghc6 version (6.8) in universe. Since all 
haskell libraries depend on the specific ghc6 version, all of these currently 
have unmet dependencies and need to be rebuilt. Some are possibly not 
compatible to the new compiler, and hence need manual adjustment or new 
upstream versions. 

apt-cache -i unmet | grep ghc6 should give a rough working list.

Fortunately, Debian is doing this transition at the moment as well, so we can 
hopefully sync as many libraries as possible from unstable.

Some hints:
Most library packages use either haskell-devscripts or haskell-utils to set 
the dependencies against ghc6.

Packages using haskell-devscripts should pick up the new dependencies 
automatically when building.

For packages that use haskell-utils, make sure to have ghc6 and haskell-utils 
installed. Run update-haskell-control in the package directory to regenerate 
the control file from control.in with the newer ghc6 dependencies.

If you have a haskell library, that (build-)depends on another haskell 
library, please also ensure that this dependency is versioned, to at least 
require the rebuilt version of the library. Otherwise it might get rebuilt in 
the wrong order, which might even succeed but results in a broken package. 
(some packages also have versioned build-depends on ghc6 set, to achieve the 
same effect).

P.S.: Before starting, haskell-utils and haskell-devscripts need to be synced 
from unstable, but I guess that this will happen very soon (bug #182505 and 
bug #182522).

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