Special nicks for MOTUs!

Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at gmail.com
Tue Jan 8 22:52:22 GMT 2008

On Jan 9, 2008 4:44 AM, Morten Kjeldgaard wrote:
> I would like to suggest that MOTUs should have a special character in
> their #ubuntu-* nick, for example "@" or "+".
> If that is the first character, it will be easy for users to list
> MOTUs and see who are online.

    I'm opposed to this for three reasons.  Firstly, some people
already get lots of useless pings rather than questions asked of the
channel generally.  With some special MOTU indicator, I expect this
practice would increase, with people selecting a random MOTU when
asking a question.

    Secondly, I believe that #ubuntu-motu is a good forum for those
who have worked with Ubuntu for some time to share and demonstrate the
knowledge gained.  With a special highlight for MOTUs, the feedback
from these people may be ignored (or apparently discouraged) by
querants seeking an "official" answer.  The best sponsor comment a
MOTU applicant can receive is "I thought you were already MOTU", which
often requires visible indication of MOTU activities (including
sharing experience and advice).

    Thirdly, I believe that feedback and answers to questions should
be taken on technical merit alone, regardless of whether the person
answering it is a MOTU.  For most questions, any answer is good (and
bad answers will often be swiftly corrected).  For requesting
sponsorship, one does better to use the queues: even those that often
sponsor rarely do so on demand.  For requesting review of a patch or
new package candidate, any review that does a good job is helpful: in
the worst case, it receives confirmation that it is good, which may
interest someone able to advocate who was otherwise not looking at the


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