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Michele Angrisano micheleangrisano at
Mon Jan 7 18:08:15 GMT 2008

Dear MOTU Council,

Please consider my application to become a MOTU.

My Launchpad profile:
My packages page: ||
My wiki page:

I used Ubuntu since March 2006 as my first distribution. My goal was
working in Ubuntu in package development with merges, syncs, bugfixes
and other processes to contribute with other developers.
I started contributing to MOTU community in March 2007 during Feisty
development cycle with some merges, syncs and patches.
I was also involved, with DktrKranz, in PHP 4 dependency removals, which
affected Universe packages after PHP 4 was removed from the archives.
In the future, I would like to focus on QA efforts (such as
uninstallable packages,  unmet dependencies, maintainer script failures,
upgrade failures), Universe is quite large and requires much love, and
I'd like to give my support.

Also, I'd like to join ubuntu-universe-sponsors to help keeping the
queue at a reasonable size and to give back what others gave to me.

CCing my sponsors and I would say at them a big "Thank You" for their

Luca Falavigna
Lionel Porcheron
Barry deFreese
Luke Yelavich
Andrea Veri

 Michele Angrisano

 Email: micheleangrisano at
 Email: micheleangrisano at
Jabber: darksun88 at

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