Accepted: ubuntu-vm-builder 0.2 (source)

Sarah Hobbs hobbsee at
Fri Feb 22 11:50:24 GMT 2008

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Soren Hansen wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 22, 2008 at 12:22:43PM +1100, Sarah Hobbs wrote:
>>> This is a bugfix release that fixes a few typos (well, several
>>> instances of the same typo, really), and fixes a call to qemu-img
>>> that breaks because I added more sanity checks to qemu-img and this
>>> particular call was bit lacking in the sanity department.
>> Even so, where is the bug?  
> Line 892 of ubuntu-vm-builder. Oh, you mean bug *report*?


>> As far as i'm aware, it still classes under the new MOTU feature
>> freeze process, and so should still have a bug, as it's a bug fix
>> release.
> Oh, this again.. I continue to fail to see the point of me having to do
> additional paperwork just because I chose to use native versioning (so
> every upload involves an "upstream" version bump).  Well, at least it'll
> bost my LP karma a bit.

I can't see the point in doing additional paperwork for bugfix-only
which will automatically get accepted either.  I raised objections while
I was away,
and they were either misunderstood, or ignored.  As the others had no
with it, I suspect that the majority vote was taken.  So this is what
we're stuck with.
>> When I saw this earlier, and checked for an appropriate bug, I found
>> nothing.  Why?
> Because I was more interested in fixing the bug than doing paperwork.

Me too.  Like i say, I raised objections to it during the discussions,
and they were
ignored.  Because I disagree, should i then go and ignore the rules, and
turn a blind
eye to anyone else doing the same?  If that is the case, then what
exactly is the point
of having a MOTU Release team, if it does not have the power over what
does, and does
not get uploaded?

After seeing multiple complaints about this new system, i'd suggest
bringing it up at the MOTU
meeting, but as I am in the MOTU release minority on this issue, my
hands are somewhat tied.
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