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Am Dienstag, 12. Februar 2008 14:22 schrieb Jon Reagan:
> Hello everyone,
> I have 3 more questions, and they should be the last since OpenProj is
> just about ready to upload.
> 1) I have signed the packages, but had to add -kGPGKEYID to the end of
> dpkg-buildpackage to do so.  Is this a problem?


> 2) I will try to upload my packages this afternoon (from the -5hr point
> of view).  Which packages do I need to upload to REVU (I have
> the .dsc, .changes., and tar.gz)?

A source package consists of three files*: the orig.tar.gz (that should be 
what you downloaded from upstream), the .diff.gz (containing a diff of the 
changes you've done, e.g. the debian directory and what's in there) and 
the .dsc file, which stores some information (e.g. md5sums, sizes of the 
other two files).

To describe a particular upload, the changes-file is used. The main purpose of 
this (apart from some meta-data), the signature of the changes-file can be 
used to validate if the upload originates from someone who is allowed to 
upload or not.

Hence you'll always use dput on the changes file (which should basically just 
upload the orig.tar.gz, the .diff.gz, the .dsc and as last item the .changes 
file via ftp).

> 3) What is an Elgamal GPG key?  I read on the REVU wiki that I will need
> one for to log on to the web interface.

Basically, this key is needed, so that REVU can encrypt your password in a 
manner, that only you can decrypt it. Sorry, I don't have much more insight 
on this issue apart from that.

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