New packages on revu - delay?

Lars Heill Lars.Heill at Sun.COM
Fri Feb 8 15:17:54 GMT 2008

Emmet Hikory wrote, On 02/08/08 15:09:
> Lars Heill wrote:
>> I uploaded sun-javadb to REVU this morning, and was wondering when I
>> should expect to find it on and also be able
>> to log in and get/set my password there?
>     Upload to display should not take more than 10-15 minutes.  To log
> in, you must first have an accepted upload (yours was rejected).  For
> this, there must have been a REVU keyring sync since you joined the
> Contributors of packages for Ubuntu universe group.
>     The last REVU Day for hardy was 4th February, so the keyring has
> not been as actively maintained since then.  The best way to ask for a
> sync is to request via IRC on #ubuntu-motu on freenode (although I've
> synced again now).
>     Please be aware that this is very late for package inclusion in
> hardy: you will need significant interest from MOTUs to get this
> package thorough REVU prior to feature freeze.

Thanks Emmet.  The package has been on review some days already off an
external site (been having network issues with my build host stopping
dputs) some days already.


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