Please think before you send bugs to Debian

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Thu Feb 7 13:59:46 GMT 2008

On Thursday 07 February 2008 02:37, Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Scott Kitterman schrieb:
> > Go for it.  Since the reorganization, I can never tell where things
> > should go.
> Where would you have put it before?
> What about doing a title search for Debian?
> seems to stand out to me
> as a good place.

Agreed.  In that case I think it would have been easy enough to understand.  
In general, I'm sufficiently lost about the new structure that I'm not at all 
confident about adding things.  I still end up getting to most wiki pages I 
need by hitting the forwards from the old pages.

Which reminds me ...

The forward from the old MOTU/SRU page to the new one needs updating.  It 
forwards to a #universe anchor that no longer exists.  I know.  It's a wiki, 
but I've no idea about how one changes that.

I'll get it sorted out eventually (probably after I get a new computer so the 
old URL's aren't in my browser history any more).

Scott K

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