Please think before you send bugs to Debian

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Thu Feb 7 07:10:20 GMT 2008

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Hello Scott,

Scott Kitterman schrieb:
> Recently I was informed by a DD that I often work with about an odd bug that 
> one of my fellow MOTUs had filed.  Apparently this person had thought it 
> would be good to suggest the Debian Maintainer incorporate the Ubuntu 
> specific changes in his package.
> While this is generally good, in this case the change was to remove the 
> iceweasel symlinks from the package.  
> This would, of course, have made the package quite broken in Debian.  
> Please think before you send bugs to Debian.  It's great for inter-distro 
> relations when we can send them good fixes that make life easier for Debian.  
> Stuff like this doesn't help and all and reinforces negative stereotypes that 
> are all to common in Debian.

Thanks for this reminder. Maybe we can codify that somewhere in the
wiki. Also the use of submittodebian (ubuntu-dev-tools package) should
be encouraged.

> P.S. Imagine how much fun we're going to have with this kind of thing once 
> Launchpad implements one click bug forwarding to Debian.

If you want your specific concerns about future feature implementation
to be answered or addressed, why don't you choose a forum where
Launchpad developers can answer the question?

All open systems have the problem that they could be tampered with. As
somebody who did a lot of Desktop bug triage, I know that a lot of
people will see simple-bug-forwarding as beneficial.

A few things TTBOMK:
 - the upstream bug tracker people will need to opt in
 - the use of the "forward now" button will not be accessible in the UI
to everybody by default

Have a nice day,
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