Upload/login recover problem

Thomas Dreibholz dreibh at iem.uni-due.de
Wed Feb 6 22:24:49 GMT 2008


I have successfully uploaded a package (rsplib_2.4.0-beta3) using dput, but 
when I try to recover a login on http://revu.tauware.de/, the error is "No 
REVU account for dreibh at iem.uni-due.de exists yet.". There was no e-mail 
response upon the successful dput upload.

I have registered a Launchpad account a long time ago, my key 760F2D65 is also 
registered in Launchpad.

Please could you check where the problem is?

Best regards
 Dr. Thomas Dreibholz

 University of Duisburg-Essen,                   Room ES210
 Inst. for Experimental Mathematics              Ellernstraße 29
 Computer Networking Technology Group            D-45326 Essen/Germany
 E-Mail:     dreibh at iem.uni-due.de
 Homepage:   http://www.iem.uni-due.de/~dreibh
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