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Mon Feb 4 15:35:12 GMT 2008

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Stefan Potyra schrieb:
> yes, there was a short discussion about it, see [1], 20.05-20.11h.

Relevant part of the log:

geser	but wouldn't people expect from motu-release more than it really is?
ScottK	For Gutsy, motu-uvf was active helping manage things up through
ScottK	No one complained and I think it helped a lot with a good end
game for Universe.
ScottK	I'm good with either motu-freeze or motu-release.
ScottK	FF is the first step in release management for Universe.
sistpoty	ScottK: so you think that (the team formerly known as) motu-uvf
should in fact care with release matters?
ScottK	sistpoty: I do.
ScottK	sistpoty: We did it for Gutsy and it worked well.
sistpoty	hm... I guess the goals are quite similar in fact
sistpoty	(for a release team and handling uvf-requests)
ScottK	It's really the same kind of risk/benifit tradeoff, just with
different focus as the release gets closer.
nixternal	or what was formally called uvf-requests I guess
sistpoty	so I don't have any objections to motu-release

I don't think there's anything wrong with having a MOTU Release Team,
here's what I think such a team might deal with:

 - Freeze decisions (UVF, Final Freeze, NEW packages, etc)
 - Planning of transitions
 - Liaison with the QA team in regards of getting people involved in
fixing certain kinds of bugs
 - Liaise with Release Team (ubuntu-release)
 - Setting Release 'Goals'

You see what I mean: the agenda spans not only the last eleven weeks of
the release but much more than that. In addition to approving all kinds
of requests, there'd be more general planning and talking to others

I absolutely believe we can lift this weight in an organised effort.
Especially with Hardy being an LTS and more people getting involved,
it'd be important to have somebody in the position of identifying what
needs fixing and coordinating the whole lot of us. :-)

If it should be the 5 people in the re-dubbed ~motu-release team, I
don't know. Let me know what you think.

Have a nice day,
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