Mutt launchpad bug coloring

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Tue Dec 16 20:43:40 GMT 2008

Last week pitti gave a talk on setting up bug filters to get more use
out of launchpad's emails.  I've been following his method for some
time, using the Mutt email client.

One of Mutt's features is the ability to colorize bug titles based on
sender, subject, or even body contents.  I've found this quite handy for
going through large queues of bug emails and quickly spotting important

Lines look like this:

  color index default green '~b "Status: .+ .+> Fix Released"'
              ^       ^       ^  ^-- regular expression
              |       |       +-- b=body, f=from, s=subject, etc.
              |       +-- background color
              +-- foreground (font) color

Here's an example .muttrc file similar to what I use:

When using mutt's threaded view, you can quickly spot "patterns", like a
series of emails ending in one green one usually means that bug got
fixed, so you can skip over it.  It's also useful in spotting
replies on bugs you've worked on.


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