Question about maintenance of the gambc package

Daniel T Chen crimsun at
Sat Dec 13 00:01:13 GMT 2008

On 12/12/2008 10:53 AM, Christian Jaeger wrote:
> Is the gambc package in Ubuntu taken from Debian or has it been worked
> upon by Ubuntu developers?

$ rmadison gambc
      gambc | 4.0~b20-1ubuntu1 | gutsy/universe | source, amd64, i386, 
      gambc | 4.0~b20-1ubuntu1 | hardy/universe | source, amd64, i386
      gambc |    4.2.8-1 | intrepid/universe | source, amd64, i386
      gambc |    4.2.8-1 | jaunty/universe | source, amd64, i386

So, the (supported Ubuntu) versions modified by Ubuntu are gutsy's and 
hardy's.  Intrepid's (and jaunty's) is a direct sync, unmodified, from 

> We're currently discussing packaging of Gambit-C with the various
> package maintainers; do you want to take part in this discussion or are
> you happy if we just discuss with Kurt B. Kaiser, the Debian packager?

The primary focus should be the Debian maintainer(s), but feel free to 
CC ubuntu-motu.

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