JBoss packages

Michael Bienia michael at vorlon.ping.de
Tue Apr 29 18:42:47 BST 2008

On 2008-04-29 22:47:53 +1200, Antonio Broughton wrote:

> I am interested in providing more JBoss packages for Ubuntu.
> I have found there are some "library" packages, however, this does not  
> offer a complete JBoss (AS?) package.
> I have started a wiki page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JBoss if anyone  
> would like to add things to it / tell me who best to talk to about  
> implementing this better.

There is a jbossas4 (source) package in the multiverse repository, but
there are no binary packages for it as it has a circular
build-dependency which prevents it from building.
It needs some help from a buildd admin to get it build (or a fix for the
circular build-dependency). It's know as bug #184557

But as I don't know JBoss(AS), I don't know if it's the package you are
looking for.


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