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Hello everybody,

some of you might have read the blog post where I asked people for
suggestions for the team née universe-hackers - some of you even
commented on it:

Here the results:

== qhartman ==
Are you looking for names for the individuals? Their “title”? It’s a bit
ambiguous from your post. If so:
“Acolyte of the Universe”
“Supporter of the Universe”
“Enthusiast Member”
“Member with Distinction”
“Lieutenant of the Universe”
“Community Fellow”
“Developer Fellow”

== Dave Morley ==
Cosmic Coders

== Georg ==
I think staying in the scope of the MOTU universe would be appropriate. So…
Eternia is the center of the universe, the whole storyline revolves
around it and the Star Seed, the center of the planet, a leftover from
the big bang and source of power.

“[…] Eternia used to be an incredibly advanced civilization that evolved
through centuries of barbarism, enlightenment and scientific
technology.” -Wikipedia

I propose “Eternian”. Sounds kinda cool too *g*

== mok0 ==
For something less serious than i.e. “Ubuntu Contributing Developer” or
some such, I suggest: “Ubuntu Universe Astronaut”

This reminds of someone who freely travels the Universe, building
habitats and terraforming everywhere s/he arrives.

== *daniel ==
Well if they’re holding the universe together you should call them the
“Gluons”, really.

== Jonathan Carter ==
In my opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the term “Universe
hackers”. It’s what MOTU’s do afterall, isn’t it?

Some people will mistakingly have something against the term “hackers”
because they associate it with the term “crackers”. I think that it’s
better to choose the best name for the team and then educate the people
who don’t understand the name, when necessary.

Some people want to use boring corporate sounding names for everything.
They should stop trying to force their old fashioned ways upon us. The
world is a very different place to what it was 5 years ago. Time for
them to catch up :)

== P. A. López-Valencia ==

The unwashed masses and most of their thinking organs, namely tech
journos, confuse hacker with cracker. It irks me to no end but that ’s a
fact of history we have been living with for more than 15 years now.

@Danial Holbach

Keeping in line with the He-Man and The Masters of the Universe theme, I
think Men-at-Arms would be nice, as long as native USiAn English
speakers understand that Men is the plural of the workd that refers to
members of the human race and has no gender since the time of the Anglos
and Saxons, until political correctness became the norm in the U.S.A.

== nxvl ==
Monkeys of the Universe!

== Phil ==
There’s nothing wrong with the term “hacker”. If someone misunderstands
it, consider it an opportunity to correct and educate them.

== LaserJock ==
@Jonathan: I’m not fond of “Hackers” because I feel like it’s saying
that MOTU is about programming and not packaging. A number of people
have said, “I’d like to help but I’m not a programmer”. No need to
reinforce that idea.

I would personally prefer something like “Universe Apprentices” and for
u-u-c, “REVU Contributors”.

== David Symons ==
How about parodying the ‘boring corporate’? motu-synergists :p ?

Or perhaps motu-maintainers (in the debian spirit)?

== CombatWombat ==
Knights of the Round Table. A play on the round logo of Ubuntu. Also
carries the regality and pride of being a vital part of maintaining the
Ubuntu kingdom.

== Fernando Ribeiro ==
Parallel Universe

We should bring the topic up in the next MOTU Meeting and decide on a
name. It's important we get this team rolling as we have the first
application pending already. :-)

Have a nice day,

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