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Stephan Hermann sh at
Wed Apr 16 19:34:21 BST 2008

Am Wed, 16 Apr 2008 18:27:05 +0200
schrieb Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu at>:

> Stephan Hermann wrote:
> > On Wed, 16 Apr 2008 17:52:45 +0200
> > Emilio Pozuelo Monfort <pochu at> wrote:
> >> Anyway, should I see a package for which the packager says he won't
> >> look at it anymore when it hits the archive because it's not his
> >> duty, I won't upload it. With those arguments, it's not his duty to
> >> package it and get it into the archive either way, so why should he
> >> be allowed to do one but not the other if he doesn't care for the
> >> package?
> > 
> > Well, you don't know the guy who wants to get his package uploaded
> > to the archive..
> I may know him :)

Yes :) But mostly the majority of uploaders to revu are pieces of
blank paper...:) 

> > so after the package hit the archive, the whole MOTU team
> > is responsible to "support" the package anyways...just because "the
> > former guy who proposed the package doesn't want to maintain it
> > anymore" is no reason to drop the package from the archive...
> Right. I meant if the packager said it beforehand. But I agree with
> you that if he doesn't say anything and I upload it, you're right he
> disappearing wouldn't be a (good enough) reason to remove the package.

But gives us , the MOTU team, more work, which actually could be better
invested in real important packages, if someone can say that about
universe...actually we know the really important packages well enough
to take care about them.

> This makes me (sadly?) want to concentrate on packages for which I
> know the packager will keep the interest on them.

You are not alone with this feeling...for me, I can say, every package
with my name tag on it (regarding XSBC-Original-Maintainer) I uploaded
to Ubuntu Universe is maintained (my very first package even went to
main and is now maintained in bzr without my work ;))) because I have
interest in them to have them in a good shape and up2date, just let's
say I need them in my real life work, too ;) (hah, there is always a
catch). Even when there are bugs in the upstream source, I'm able to
fix them (most of the time) by myself, but if it's really not
maintainable anymore, I'm the first one who files a removal request for



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