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Tony Yarusso tonyyarusso at
Wed Apr 16 17:00:12 BST 2008

This is another response from the beginner packager's POV.  When I first
submitted my package, probably four or five different people looked at it,
and every one of them found something different to comment on.  The process
was fairly nerve-wracking and I lost some sleep since I was close to the
freeze deadline, but the result was a better package.  Even then, having a
watch file wasn't caught until more recently.  Some of the comments given
were critical kinds of items, but others were more subjective, informational
kinds of things, and by getting the input of lots of people I learned a lot
more about the packaging process overall than I would have with just one, or
even two.  So, while we _could_ probably get by with one ACK, I don't think
it would be the most beneficial way of doing things.

Tony Yarusso
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