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Wed Apr 16 13:06:59 BST 2008

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Stefan Potyra schrieb:
> Maybe I don't understand what you are meaning: I thought reviewing was that 
> feedback?

To me it sounds like a major problem is uncertainty of ubuntu-dev
members who are about to ACK a package. This is understandable because
of a lot of reasons (short time somebody is a developer, lack of
experience in a certain area of packages, etc.) and a problem that we
should strive to fix.

If we can make it easier for reviewers to either look up how to (better)
solve certain problems or ask for feedback, that'd solve a lot of
problems at the same time.

For example I haven't seen emails requesting feedback for a solution on
ubuntu-motu at lists.u.c yet.

> Having recipes, how to solve a problem is imho orthogonal to the question of 
> reviewing. It's good to be able to point people to these, if they have 
> questions on how to do it, but in my experience, that's not the problem when 
> reviewing a package. 

Why don't "reviewing tips" help?

> Also, from my experience, usually many different 
> solution to a problem X exist, so I guess saying that there is a "best" way 
> might even result in reviewers stating like: "do it that way", even if 
> it's equally right to be done differently. (cdbs vs. plain debhelper for 
> example).

Ok, please replace "best way to fix A" with "one obvious way to fix A".

> (Side note: since when became the guideline criteria in CodeReviews stable? 
> There used to be a note stating that these are not stable and links to the ml 
> discussion in the wiki page which are gone now).

Can you elaborate?

> Do you mean feedback loop from ubuntu-archive to reviewers? Yes, that would be 
> very good!

The archive admins do give feedback on broken packages. I feel it should
be the responsibility of the uploader or whoever did the packaging to
document how to get better debian/copyright (or packaging in general)

Some information about getting debian/copyright right already exists on

Have a nice day,

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