MOTU Meeting reminder

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Fri Apr 11 18:41:11 BST 2008

Daniel Holbach wrote:
> Scott Kitterman schrieb:
>> Use, nomenclature, and requirements for the Universe Hackers (Ubuntu 
>> Contributing Developers) team
>> Please make the name something that I can sit in a business meeting and say to 
>> someone, "Oh, well if you want to do that, you have to join the ________ team 
>> and ...".
> I agree to the extent that it shouldn't be completely ridiculous, on the
> other hand, let's not loose our good humour in the free software world...
> We have countless examples of funny names that cause raise eyebrows
> among people not intimately familiar with the world we live in:
>  - libbonobo? libsexy? liboobs?
>  - GNOME, GNU?
>  - Ubuntu ("are you sure you didn't forget a 'U' in the spelling?")
>  - "Seed Management"? MoM and DaD?
> and last but not least
>  - MOTU ("Really? Masters of the Universe?")

I don't particularly have a problem with the playfulness of the names.
We do want to keep it reasonable, but things like MOTU and MoM are kinda
fun. I *do* however, have an issue with the clarity of the names. Both
"Universe Hackers" and "Universe Code Monkeys" imply programming teams.
Even if you ignore the common, negative, meaning of "hacker", we have a
hard enough time with the "myth" that you have to be an uber-programmer
to contribute without making the team names reflect it. I feel like the
names just don't reflect reality, even a playful one. I'm fairly sure
that we'd get flooded with bogus join attempts if we go with "Universe
Hackers" and calling the team that holds the REVU upload priviledges
"Ubuntu Code Monkeys" is anything but clear. I would rather call it
"REVU Contributors" or some such.


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