Please use LP subscriptions correctly

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Thu Apr 10 15:46:17 BST 2008

Just becoming MOTU, I've found myself often checking the bugs tab of u-u-s, 
perhaps in the hope to catch a bitesized upload :-)

I appears to me that a lot of the bugs in the u-u-s list shouldn't be there, 
because they are not ready for sponsorship/upload. A lot of them are sync 
requests without ACKs from motu-release.

I've gone through several of them, unsubscribed u-u-s and subscribed 
motu-release instead, so the bugs will be listed there for processing.

It would be helpful if packages were not subscribed to u-u-s unless they are 
ready to upload, i.e. with the required acks. Once the motu-release team are 
done with them, they will unsubscribe themselves, and subscribe u-u-s so 
someone else can build/check/upload etc.

Adhering to this scheme will make the most efficient use of the limited human 
resources we have available.

Morten (mok0)

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