FinalFreeze around the corner (universe/multiverse notes)

Stefan Potyra sistpoty at
Fri Apr 4 23:48:09 BST 2008

Hi folks,

it's almost there, FinalFreeze will impact on April, 10th.
During FinalFreeze, every upload to universe/multiverse will need to be 
approved by motu-release. To enforce this, no uploads will pass the queue 
of the archive admins, unless a proper granted exception is present.

To get an exception, please contact motu-release or a delegate. You can do 
so either by filing a bug on launchpad, or by asking on irc. Please have 
a debdiff ready (either attached to the bug, or via pastebin).
Once a member of motu-release acknowledges an exception, feel free to upload
it. In case you filed a bug, please make sure to close it via 
debian/changelog, so that ubuntu-archive can easily see the granted

For FinalFreeze the size of the changes matter. It doesn't matter, if it is a 
new upstream version, a sync or just a modification, as long as you follow 
this rule: The less intrusive the changes are, the better. 
In other word: The smaller the debdiff is, the better. Hence please avoid
hurrying in an upload just to not fall under FinalFreeze.

The motu-release team will be dealing with FinalFreeze in the same manner as 
it did with FeatureFreeze. In the beginning, more intrusive changes will be
allowed, but as time passes, the changes size will get more limited as well.

Finally, in the last 24 hours, every upload must get approved by motu-release,
or ubuntu-release to not drain out the buildds.

Also, please prepare any uploads avoiding all unnecessary changes. 
Among these are:
* general package cleanups, like bumping standards-version
* adding a patch system for packages, which don't have one already
* changing text files (in regards to translations), including fixing minor
  typographical errors
* switching build systems

For subsets of packages in universe, motu-release relies on the input of the 
people knowing these packages best. To not infer unnecessary buerocracy, 
these maintainers may approve freeze exceptions for their territory as well:

Firefox releated packages -> Alexander Sack (asac)
KDE releated packages -> Jonathan Ridell (Ridell)
Gnome Desktop packages -> ubuntu-desktop (or ask seb128)
Mythbuntu -> Mario Limonciello (superm1 | mariolimonciell)
Ubuntustudio -> Luke Yelavich (TheMuso) (might still change: Luke anyone whom 
                you'd like to see in charge, as you're a member of 
                motu-release anyways?)

In case you are not 100% sure, which catagory a package falls under, or if it 
might tackle other areas of universe as well,  please contact motu-release.
We will sort it out.

   Stefan on behalf of motu-release.
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