More granular LP permissions

Stephan Hermann sh at
Fri Apr 4 13:18:56 BST 2008

Daniel Holbach wrote:
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> Stephan Hermann schrieb:
>> Personally, I'm missing some more fine granulated permissions for users 
>> and teams, regarding bug working on LP.
>> Means, (as an example) giving the right for adding tasks without having 
>> some other guy to approve, I don't think it's good to do that with 
>> inheriting the "bug control team".
>> I think it would make more sense, to "force" LP Devs, means Canonical as 
>> driving force behind LP,  to implement a useful permission system, where 
>> the teamlead can give or take special rights from a user or even a 
>> "sub-team".
> AFAIK Everybody can add a task to a bug. Can you elaborate or do you
> have a different example?
Everybody can add tasks, right, but they have to be approved by members 
in special teams (e.g. ubuntu-dev).
Giving those people (those -> contributors which are not ready for 
ubuntu-dev status, but are able to do the right things) the rights to 
add tasks which are then already approved, is great.
That's also an appreciation towards those contributors. (Only Regarding 
Universe/Multiverse Stuff, not Main/Restricted)
> Let's file bugs on LP for those cases where applicable.
I think there are some wishlist reports already filed about a more 
granular permission concept, if not, let's do it together and formulate 
a clear proposal.



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