saods9 in repository

Cesare Tirabassi norsetto at
Wed Apr 2 10:56:14 BST 2008

On Wednesday 02 April 2008 00:46:14 Jason Quinn wrote:
> The saods9 package in the science (universe) section should probably
> be removed from the repository, perhaps permanently. Here's my
> reasoning:
> 1) The version presently there contains a bug that does not allow it
> to interact with IRAF, another big program used by astronomers. IRAF
> is very frequently used in conjunction with ds9. This is confusing
> when a person is installing IRAF because trying to display an image in
> ds9 from IRAF causes both to crash with no obvious way of knowing what
> caused it.
> 2) The ds9 program is very frequently updated and will be out-of-date
> almost as soon as it is added to the repository. They are up to
> version 5.1 now and not 4.0b7.
> 3) The ds9 program is extremely easy to install and consists of just a
> single executable file. Any user who would be interested to use it
> would be good enough with computers to manually install it.
> At the least, the program should be updated to fix reason #1.
> Cheers,
> Jason

This is covered by

which I'm planning to tackle since, unfortunately, the package was orphaned in 
This is not an easy package at all since the upstream tarball has to be 
severely edited for copyright reasons, and the homemade build system has to 
be practically replaced to produce an acceptable package (at least, that was 
the case for 4.0b7).
I also had to mangle with some header files since the program uses its own c2f 
interface, which was not compatible with the gfortran compiler (again, to be 
checked for 5.1).
IMHO, there is no way we could have this ready for Hardy, my goal was to 
upload an update for Intrepid.
If the package is re-adopted in Debian and will receive regular maintenance 
this would obviously be the best solution.


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