Suggestion for reviewing guidelines

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Fri Sep 28 11:26:41 BST 2007

I have started to use my PPA as a development platform for packages that 
are not quite ready to go into Universe, perhaps awaiting upstream 
action on issues like missing gpl clause in source files and such.
In the meantime, my lab can benefit from the PPA as a repository for 
packages that can actually be installed and used.

When using the PPA -- I always forget this initially -- you (often) need 
to specify "universe/*" in the Section: field of the control file. I 
gather it is also customary to add ~ppa* to the end of the release 
string. In addition, I find it useful to use debian/changelog to record 
work I have done between the different ~ppa* versions (and perhaps new 
upstream versions).

When time is ripe, I will submit these packages to REVU, but I fear the 
first things reviewers will say is:

1. Remove the ~ppa* from the release,
2.  Delete all your changelog stuff,
3. Remove "universe/" from Section:

I would suggest a procedure that would allow for such issues. (AFAIK, In 
Debian, they encourage you to record all packaging changes in changelog).

Morten (mok0)

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