StableReleaseUpdates: plr packages available for testing

Luca Falavigna dktrkranz at
Thu Sep 13 22:19:10 BST 2007

Testing versions of plr has been published in dapper-proposed,
edgy-proposed and feisty-proposed.

To test it, please add the following line to your sources.list(5)
accordingly to your distribution:
deb dapper-proposed universe
deb edgy-proposed universe
deb feisty-proposed universe

Then, update and upgrade (or install) the following binary package:
postgresql-7.4-plr (Dapper and Edgy)
postgresql-8.1-plr (Dapper, Edgy and Feisty)

Please provide feedback to LP #130059:
Here you will find a detailed description of the problem.

Thank you.


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