New Wine up on REVU

Stephan Hermann sh at
Wed Sep 12 08:39:14 BST 2007

Hi Scott,

Scott Ritchie wrote:
> I've uploaded a new Wine package to REVU.  It's missing a few things:
> 1) No solution yet to the ugly .desktop files
> ( - I still
> need to add icons and change where some of the icons are placed.
> 2) The 64 bit version still puts 32 bit libs in /usr/lib rather than
> /usr/lib32 -- I'll fix this myself later this week when I setup my 64
> bit computer.  If you want to beat me to it, patches are welcome.
> 3) Because some demanded it, I've filed a UVF exception request here:
> There will be a new Wine on Friday (0.9.45), and I may very well update
> the package and UVF exception request again targeting that.  Nothing in
> Ubuntu depends on Wine (yet...), so there is little chance of regression
> compared with Feisty unless something gets very broken.

If there is a new wine version coming later this week, I would prefer to
wait with the UVF until then.
It doesn't make sense to have .44 in the archive, when .45 is just 2
days away...



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