Packaging question with regards to debian/changelog

Daniel Miles themono at
Tue Sep 11 10:24:33 BST 2007

> From: Soren Hansen <soren at>
> Subject: Re: Packaging question with regards to debian/changelog
> On Tue, Sep 11, 2007 at 12:44:58PM +1200, Daniel Miles wrote:
> > I'm working on a PPA archive on launchpad for the smplayer media
> > player. I would like to support multiple distributions of Ubuntu (at
> > the moment, dapper and feisty, adding gutsy after release). The debian
> > packaging guide says that the correct way to do this is to have the
> > changelog in this form, where multiple distributions are separated
> > with a space:
> Do you have a reference to that? It sounds quite odd to me.

I'm taking from what I understood was meant by this:

I may well have just misinterpreted it, but it says 
"distribution(s) lists the distributions where this version should be 
installed when it is uploaded - it is copied to the Distribution field in 
the .changes file. See Distribution, Section 5.6.14."


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