Upgrade to Drupal 5.2?

stevendd at planet.nl stevendd at planet.nl
Thu Sep 6 16:59:49 BST 2007

Donderdag 6 september 2007 17.40 mailde Stephan Hermann:
> You talk about Ubuntu Feisty right?

> I just send an security updated 5.1 package to feisty.
> There are no version upgrades to Ubuntu releases. We just do stable
> security fixes or stable updates, which means 5.1 will have the security
> fixes  in no time, but no 5.2 is available as package for feisty.
> Gutsy has 5.2 in its archive...
Thanks for your explanation. A little earlier Siegfried-Angel also reacted and suggested to try the Gutsy package (which I will).

With friendly greetings,

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