monotone package upgrade: my first step at packaging.

Michał Roszka m.roszka at
Wed Oct 31 06:57:21 GMT 2007

Hi Team,

As I am new here, I would like to briefly introduce myself first. My
name is Mike, 29 and I am running a small web development company in
Poland. Recently I have switched to Ubuntu from Mac OS X. I used to use
Debian years ago, so I feel kind of familiar when it comes to deal with
Ubuntu. I have never dealt with packaging, though. Neither have I dealt
with software development other than the web applications. Well, I
actually had my moment with monotone and macports, but it was really
simple thing, like keeping a portfile up-to-date. Although monotone is
accessible from the universe repository, there is no fresh package. So I
asked myself: why no to contribute? And here I am.

I went through some reading [1,2], subscribed this list, registered
myself and my GnuPG key at the Launchpad, installed required packages
and triend to upgrade the monotone packages by myself. Basically, I have
done it step by step as it was described in both documents. It does not
look scary too much :), but I would appreciate any advice how to do it
well and in a safe way. Thing is, I cannot have yet another Ubuntu
installation on my machine. In addition, due to my work, I cannot risk,
that package maintenance and testing could affect my system and data in
a bad way and make it useless or inaccessible for quite a while. This is
the basic problem/doubt at the moment. I would gladly contribute, but I
need some more clues on that topic.


Thank you,

    -- Mike.

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