libhighgui1 on ubuntu gutsy

daniel jose.biscaya at
Tue Oct 30 09:01:56 GMT 2007

dear motu team,

how are you?
i am not realy new to linux, but far from being an expert and here is a 
question that is burning all for so long:
i am very curious about the open computer vision libraries and want to 
learn more about them, since i work as a video-artist i see here the 
thing i need to move on.
now i tried it before and i tried it now, this time on ubuntu gutsy, to 
install the libcv and libhighgui, but i dont know how to go on from 
here, nor could find anyone that knows, no coding friends familiar to 
this nor on xchat channels...
could u please give me any hint??
thanks so much,
yours sincerely

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