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Emmet Hikory wrote:
> A month ago, an official list of Bug status values was published
> on launchpad [1]. Without a discussion of the appropriate
> classification of the various statuses that are used to track bugs
> that may someday be fixed, I would like to hear if other MOTUs would
> find an additional rejection status would be useful, defined as
> follows:
> "Deferred"
> This status indicates that while this bug is valid, and there is
> sufficient information to understand the cause, there is no current
> intention to fix the problem by the project against which the bug is
> reported. Deferred is meant to capture the cases where a reporter's
> request is unlikely to be addressed in the project, and the reporter
> would do well to pursue other channels in parallel.
> "Deferred" is distinct from "Invalid" in that an "Invalid" bug
> represents a case where a bug doesn't represent something that can be
> fixed, whereas "Deferred" bugs could be fixed, but nobody is going to
> do it.
> "Deferred" is distinct from "Won't Fix" in that "Won't Fix" represents
> a case where either the perceived problem or recommended solution is
> contrary to the plans of the project, or the scope of the issue is
> beyond the ability of the project to complet, whereas "Deferred" bugs
> represent soluable issues.
Could this status also be used for cases of "This is a legitimate bug,
but the project developer does not have the knowledge necessary to fix
it at this time. You may need to wait a while until they do, or it
may be more efficient to offer a bounty to someone else, in which case
the developer would be happy to take their patch."?
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