nsis 2.28-1: missing symbols in System.dll plugin

air.desgroppes at laposte.net air.desgroppes at laposte.net
Thu Oct 25 09:39:21 BST 2007


I don't know if it's the right list to file such a bug report. Please let me know.

I recently upgraded from feisty to gutsy. Among other improvements, the nsis package (2.28-1) now provides a System.dll plugin that was missing in former version (2.19-1.1). However, some expected symbols are not exported.

Here are the symbols exported by the Windows version of the plugin:
Alloc : also present in Ubuntu package provided plugin
Call : missing
Copy : present
Free : present
Get : missing
Int640p : present
Store : present

Would it be possible to provide a System.dll plugin exporting the same symbols as the Windows version one?

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