StableReleaseUpdates: gnumed-client ( available for testing

Steve Kowalik stevenk at
Tue Oct 23 05:45:44 BST 2007

Scott Kitterman wrote:
> I'm sending this IRC snippet (my question on #ubuntu-motu) was after reading 
> the above mail?
> [15:49] <ScottK> geser: Please tell me you didn't upload a fix to 
> gutsy-proposed that you haven't verified works (that's what I get from your 
> mail to the MOTU list)?
> [15:50] <geser> ScottK: I didn't check the package myself
> [15:50] <ScottK> geser: Did you upload it?
> [15:50] <geser> yes
> [15:50] <geser> ScottK: that patch comes from upstream
> [15:51] * ScottK sort of thought testing before uploading would have been a 
> good idea?
> I'd like a clarification of policy here (I've thought I knew for sure the 
> right answer and been wrong before).  I thought SRUs were supposed to be 
> tested before uploading to *-proposed.  Is that wrong?

Certainly not. The thing to keep in mind is that you are updating a
*STABLE* release -- if you throw untested broken crap there, people
aren't going to be very happy -- at the very least make sure what you're
uploading builds, works, and doesn't have any regressions.

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