MOTU Meeting minutes for Friday, 19 October 2007, 12:00 UTC.

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You will find below, the MOTU meeting minutes for this past Friday, 19 October 2007, 12:00 UTC. 
Any queries, please feel free to contact me.

Ubuntu MOTU Meeting Minutes for Friday, 19 October, 12:00 UTC.

== Adjusting the freeze schedule ==
Emmet Hikory (Persia) raised the discussion of changing the freeze schedule for hardy, in light of it being an LTS release. Possible adjustments were as follows:
 * Not allowing any new packages.
 * Matching UVF / NPUF with DIF.
 * Requiring specs for everything.
After much discussion, it was decided that new packages freeze would occurr at the same time as upstream version freeze.

== Universe rebuilds ==
A question was raised about universe rebuilds. This involves rebuilding all packages in universe from source, to pick up any build problems. It was decided to attempt to add this to the schedule, at least once, either at Debian Import Freeze, or upstream version freeze. Beta was raised as a possible rebuild point, but lack of time to build lots of packages soon saw this option dismissed. Lucas Nussbaum will be contacted to arrange this.

== Universe SQ measures for Hardy ==

A discussion was started about what can be done to improve Universe's QA for hardy, besides unmet dependencies, and packages that fail to build from source. Desktop files was raised as a possibility, but since these are not yet translatable in rosetta, it shouldn't be something actively pursued.

The use of packaging and bytesize tags was briefly discussed, and while they are useful for pointing new contrivuters at tasks to do, they often sit there and not get touched. Forwarding bugs upstream was also something that should be actively pursued, and encouraged.

Finally, there was discussion about transitions, as we have to support dapper to hardy upgrades, from LTS release to LTS release. Package removals was also touched on, with removing packages an area that needs further discussion.

== UDS specs ==
At the next Ubuntu Developer's Summit, being held in Boston, the MOTUs in attendance are planning to have a discussion on packaging in general, and things relating to Universe, as follows:
 * Review bzr best practices.
 * Revisit the apckaging guide on the wiki.
 * Revisit Ubuntu Proccess docs on the wiki.

== Next meeting time ==
Since the Ubuntu Developer's Summit is fast approaching, ti was decided to skip a week, and hold another meeting once most people have returned, and recovered from their trips. The next MOTU meeting will be held on Friday, 9 November, 2887, at 20:00 UTC.

== Next REVU Day ==
Yes, since we are now into a new cycle, there is a REVU day planned for Monday, 5 November 2007.

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