non-MOTU Hopeful contributions

Neil Wilson neil at
Fri Oct 19 09:12:58 BST 2007

> Do you think that is that
> complicated? (File a bug, link to the package / attach the patch,
> subscribe the right team)

The process isn't at all complicated, but it is difficult. Any process
is useless unless there is the manpower in the target review team to
execute it. That is where the bottleneck lies.

If I was a MOTU I wouldn't want to spend my entire day dealing with an
essentially clerical process. I would have upload privileges and
things I wanted to get done of my own. And I can certainly understand
it if other MOTUs feel that way. However as the process stands there
is no-one to delegate to, so MOTUs have to do it all.

The problem is not the process, it is the level of people you are
asking to operate the process and the general lack of manpower. To get
around that you have to reduce the work they are asked to do, or get
people other than MOTUs to review packages.

For example is there any reason why MOTU wannabes couldn't do the
package reviews and +1 them when they are happy? Then MOTUs only have
to look at packages that have already passed through an acolyte. That
helps train the acolytes and reduces load on MOTUs.


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