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> I very much agree with what Scott said here. Understanding the process,
> talking to people when you're unsure and being a good team player is
> very important in the MOTU team.
> Does anybody have any ideas, what we could do to 'lower the bar' or
> change the things to bring new contributors to the point where they
> understand better what our core values are?

IMHO, the point is not about lowering the bar, is is about not having the
"bar" at all, the key is about converting the current MOTU processes which
are based on a long pipe workflow with known bottlenecks into a grid
workflow .
The current process requires, developers which love debian/rules, but which
hate debian/copyright to be expert on both.
The current process requires end users, which love to test new software, and
which would be the best functional testers for new packages/updates to
subscribe this list in order to get "please test" notifications. IThis list
is not really interesting for those people which spend more time using
applications, than packaging them.

The key, is about moving from single processing, to multiprocessing,
different people, with different skills can provide their specif contribute
to the final product which is, a good package, proper tested from both a
packaging and functional perspective and which will be updated according to
a policy which also meet users expectations.
Changing from single to multi processing is not simple, it is not just about
adding new processors (in this case, people), it is about changing the
application, building reliable interfaces between processes, handling shared
resources, handling synchronization, etc.

The documentation improvement is important because it is the entry point for
participation, however, it is not sufficient.

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