non-MOTU Hopeful contributions

Neil Wilson aldursys at
Thu Oct 18 11:20:23 BST 2007

Can I suggest a way forward.

I'm not at all interested in being a MOTU. I'm working on a specific
piece of open source software, and from that the occassional Ubuntu
package drops out which I think would be of use to the general community.

Having gone through the Gutsy development process I feel that package
submission is difficult if you are not one of the inner circle or are
wanting to join it. And from the other side of the fence there are too
many packages and not enough MOTU manpower to look at them all in the
depth required.

Plus I wonder whether packages put into the main distribution will get
the use that is required to justify their position in the index.
Nobody wants to waste time with vanity packages.

Now that PPA is here, my approach is to stick with packages in my PPA
until there is sufficient community use to justify the work required
to get them into the main index.

I was wondering whether a 'ten community votes required before we look
at it for the main index' principle would cut down on the all round
effort? Less than that and people should be directed to the PPA system
as a way of getting their packages 'out there'.

I see PPA as the 'quark soup' from which the universe will form :-)


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